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Our North State hospitals have received 5-star reviews.

SECH Web Review:

From Donna M. on January 10th

SECH Web Review 5 stars

Absolute amazing emergency department staff... the Nurses and the Doctors were fantastic. My mother was admitted to ICU last night after spending most of the night (10pm-6am) being treated in the ER. The staff made sure she was very comfortable and pain free while she waited for a room in ICU. They even loaned me a cell phone charger without me even asking (they heard my phone battery beep lol). Just wanted to say thank you to the night staff you made a difference.

MMCR Facebook Review:

5 stars from Rachael on January 16

Facebook 5 stars

It’s one of the best hospitals I have been in since UCD. Nurses and Doctors are all kind, friendly, efficient and take great pride and compassion in what they love doing! Although far from home they went above and beyond with attentiveness, making me feel like I was home away from home!

Mad props to 2nd floor Nurses Erica, Kim, Jennifer, Craig, and Dan. Many thanks to the team of Nurses and techs on the 4th floor Brandy, Inna, Joanna, Kylie and Holly. The X-Rays, IR techs, the phlebotomists, dietitians, transporters and kewl cleaning crew. Oh and the ER welcoming committee Melissa and my Chapstick chum! They have the best Chapstick in the world here!

MMCR Facebook Review:

5 stars from Alicia B. on February 19

Facebook 5 stars

I can’t even find the words to describe the care and kindness they gave my mother and our family as she passed away on Saturday night. We knew her time was coming and the care they provide was above and beyond kindness. Or nurse Darlene was an angel on earth. She spoke the most beautiful words to me in one of my darkest moments.

At 3:43am she listened to my Mother’s heart, which wasn’t beating any longer, looked at me and said, “Well my dear, your mother just took her first breath in heaven.” What a beautiful selfless, compassionate, caring, kind, loving thing to say to me as I felt part of me leave at that moment as well.

To Darlene in the neurology dept of Mercy Hospital, you were my angel I dreamed of you and you were sent to my mother and me just for this moment in our lives. Thank you for being there with us. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

MMCMS Facebook Review:

5 stars from L. Jana on January 16

Facebook 5 stars

My son (11) broke his wrist falling of a rail in the terrain park. This ER is amazing! Everyone was so friendly, compassionate and fast! Dr. Shippman spoke to my son, ask him all the questions and offered to be called by his first name-(no, we will call him Dr- he worked hard for that). This all took about 90 min and we were back at the ski park- incredible, wonderful nurses and Dr. and volunteers.

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