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Mount Shasta Adopts A Family.

Employees come together to support struggling families.

Mount Shasta Adopts A Family

Employees at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta come together every year during the holiday season to support families in the community who are struggling. Last year staff members worked directly with local schools to identify families in need that they could support.

And this year, the tradition of generosity continued. Staff at Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta worked with Northern Valley Catholic Social Services to identify families from Southern Siskiyou County that were in need.

The employees adopted six families, a total of twenty-five individuals. They provided gifts, food, and gift cards for a complete Christmas experience. Every day the people of Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta demonstrate humankindness, and this was an excellent opportunity to show that humankindness to families and seniors in our community.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, good night.

Watch a video of last year’s Adopt A Family: zitz6lsi46dy1gl19nc467avom59txge

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