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Helping NICU babies.

Mercy Medical Center Redding has launched the Mercy Donor Milk Program.

NICU Babies

The hospital is proud to partner with Prolacta Bioscience as the first Northern California hospital to launch a donor milk program that will utilize the surplus breast milk of nursing mothers to make human, milk-based neonatal nutritional products for premature infants in the NICU.

Any nursing mother can apply to participate in the program. Moms will be able to donate without leaving their homes, and the family does not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. A health and history screening is done online, a certified phlebotomist will come to the mother’s home or office, and all of the storage and shipping supplies are sent directly to the mom. Prepaid shipment pick-up is then arranged so that the donating mother and her baby will not be burdened by having to drive the shipment coolers anywhere. For many moms this is a way to help premature infants who aren’t their own by donating their surplus breast milk.

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